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Approximately 80 percent of learning is accomplished visually. Yet interestingly, in spite of this well-known correlation between sight and learning, a lot of parents underestimate or are simply unaware of the significance of vision problems, and as a result, don't include comprehensive eye exams as part of their child's back to school medical check-up. It's important to know that because vision in children changes, regular eye care is crucial to their classroom success and self esteem.

It is extra important to keep an eye out for the signs of vision problems as your child progresses in school. Telltale signs may include confusing numbers or letters, watery eyes and frequent eye rubbing, squinting, head tilting, and avoiding detailed work.

Bad vision and growing visual demands like homework and small print in textbooks can significantly affect his/her performance. Recently developed classroom technology, like interactive whiteboards, can also potentially exaggerate previously unknown vision issues. If a child doesn't have good enough vision, it isn't just their performance at school that suffers. It's mentally and emotionally taxing also.

If your son or daughter already wears glasses, now is also a good opportunity to see if their current frames are right for them. Even when a child can see wearing his or her current pair of glasses, they may not fit correctly or perhaps the lenses no longer align with the child's eyes due to normal growth. If you want the student to wear his glasses, he better be comfortable in them!

So come see us when you're getting your children prepared for their year. We'll help our young patients start the year afresh with great vision.