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How can you make your next eye exam even more productive? There are several things you should tell our eye doctors so that we can make sure you are analyzed proficiently and thoroughly.

Firstly, it is crucial to let us know about any current health problems you may have observed, as your eyes can be affected by changes in your body. What are the sorts of things we'd need to be informed of? Here are a few examples: allergies, pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other serious illness.

Habits like drinking or smoking can have a negative effect on vision, so if these are a part of your lifestyle, tell us about it. Tell us how you use your eyes everyday. Are you an artist who strains your eyes working on fine details? Knowing this information will really make it simpler for us to determine the solution to your vision problems.

Because a number of eye diseases are genetic, it's important that you let us know if anyone in your family has any of them, especially glaucoma or macular degeneration. Understandably, it's a great deal more efficient to look out for symptoms when we're informed about what you may be prone to.

Some symptoms include changes to your vision like double vision, seeing spots or flashes of light, and blurriness. If you notice any of these, give us a call as soon as you can. We'll then do our very best to discover what's behind the symptom, and suggest the best possible treatment plan. Do remember to take your current pair of glasses with you to the exam; even if you normally wear contact lenses, as examining your present glasses gives us useful information. So don't forget all this when you next see us. Together, we'll figure out the best way to resolve whatever issue you may be experiencing!