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Have you considered contact lenses as a way to correct your astigmatism? Normally, the cornea is spherical, but in the case of someone with astigmatism, it's more oval-shaped, sort of like a football. This ostensibly small detail actually alters the way light hits the retina, and results in blurred vision.

The lenses used to correct astigmatism are called toric contact lenses. What differs between these and common contact lenses is the design. Consider them the bifocals of contact lenses; they have a power to fix your near or far sightedness and another for your astigmatism. Compared with regular lenses, which can freely shift and have no effect on your vision, toric lenses need to stay in place. A smart feature of toric lenses is the fact that they're weighted at the bottom, which helps them stay put when you blink.

There are multiple scheduling options for toric contact lens users, including soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. If you prefer multifocal or even colored lenses, then don't worry, there are toric lenses for you. Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas permeable lenses, have a firmer shape which allows them to stay put when you blink, but they aren't always as comfortable as soft lenses. Together, we'll be able to find the best brand to suit your eyes.

Due to the fact that toric lenses are just a bit more complex, expect the fitting to take a little more time. Nevertheless, with advances in eye care, those with astigmatism can take advantage of the benefits of contact lenses, with many options to choose from.